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I prayed today that I would have a productive day. I didn’t realize

>what it meant.

It was 4 a.m. and a call came in from “Private Caller” so of course I didn’t answer, but I never went back to sleep.  So after glancing through Stephen Quiller’s Water Media Painting book,  I sunk back into the pillows and tried my hand at meditating after finally finishing and being extraordinarily moved by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love.  After a battle with “Monkey Mind,” I gave up in exasperation, but sent up one request to the vast universe before I did.

Let me have a productive day” I urged, thinking of the laundry list of things I had on my plate on this seemingly regular Friday morning such as finish Whitehall consulting work for one client,  meet my fellow painters at Jerry’s to purchase some needed supplies and drop off materials for the swag bags going to the first 20 customers at next week’s PAW Fundraiser.  Oh, and complete the commission painting for my eye doctor.  His staff got me to do an eight canvas eye to present him as a gift and it’s due next Friday.  It’s nearly done and only needs finishing touches.  And looks fab, if I may say so myself.  So, when I sent up that request, I had this kinda stuff in mind.

Not having to call my ex-husband, a jail, a college Dean and others:  A loved one has gotten into a serious jam and I’m not sure what it will mean down the road, but it could be a long, hard journey for this person.  He’s been doing beautifully since I made a stance earlier this year, and comments from those who work with him say he’s a really wonderful person.  I hope this slip up was a minor blip on the radar, but am fearful it could be more. 

I hope and pray that my loved one clings to something positive and moves past this to find and fulfill his potential.  Keep us in your prayers.  I gotta go.  There’s work to be done…

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  1. >Keeping you in my thoughts.

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