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Hunkering down, Irma style

Hurricane Irma preparedness.
Candles, munchies, dog food, weather radio, TV news (while it lasts), fresh baked cookies, quiche, clemintines and rain ponchos. We’re as prepared as we can hope to be! (The adult beverages are chilling).

I process my angst through writing, so, bear with me or move on. We’re facing Irma’s wrath in the form of a Category 2 or 3 hurricane strike in our Tampa Bay city of Plant City. Fortunately, we’re inland some 30 miles, so we don’t have to content with storm surge and thanks to retention ponds and rigorous stormwater management efforts. (At least I hope that’s the case as it has been in the past.)

I’d say a ton more about experiencing a hurricane for the first time but I’ll keep it brief for reasons you’ll read later on. But I will say, I think history will reflect that Publix is the backbone of Florida and was notably so in the face of Irma. (Disclaimer: I work for the company and am proud of the fact…)

So back to reality… my husband and I elected to stay because:

A.) we’re in a strong sturdy home and are expected to return to work ASAP after this is over.

b.) we’re in an established neighborhood with mature trees (a good and bad thing as trees cut direct winds but can be uprooted causing more damage. ) But, since we lost our “widowmaker” tree – a 100 year old beautiful live oak that perched outside our master suite – in June, I am okay since the remaining trees. They’re nice live oaks also, but farther from our living area and smaller in size, so not the great threat that one was.

We’ve been preparing for Irma all week, anchoring things that are outside down as securely as we can, preparing the inside, hiding anything that, should the roof blow or should we take on a tree, could become a torpedo. We’ve got full tub, water, pre-cooked foods, and lots and lots of ice blocks and cubes to keep our foods cold.  And we’ve got some adult beverages to calm nerves.  We’re headed to our safe place in a short while, armed with battery operated radio, flashlights, dog treats (yes, we have Brody our hound with us, of course) and digital devices, should we maintain networking capabilities.

The latest predictions are for it to lose steam quickly and I am confident we’ll be safe, even if the eye passes right over us, as it is very likely to do at this point… But, I’ll take a nap now (our worst is expected at midnight) and be ready for Irma when she comes a calling. If you, too, are facing Irma or another hurricane, be safe yourself! If not, just send good thoughts our way…

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