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The undertow

The Undertow, abstract fine art painting by Maura Satchell
The Undertow, abstract fine art painting.

This was painted a while ago, and I love this work, in part because I love the color green in most of its forms. But I digress… this painting is meant to depict life’s eternal struggle. It represents the fits and starts in life when things flow smoothly, and the imperfect moments and challenges too.  Subtle painted lines show below the top layer intentionally. The center light and dark enmeshed together reflect the need to experience both good and bad to attain fulfillment and true joy.

That less I learned when I was a teenager and read Kahlil Gibran.  One particular lesson stuck with me from his work The Prophet. I can’t find it now, but it referred to the heart being like a bowl. The more sorrow and pain experienced, the deeper the bowl is carved and the greater the amount of joy it can contain. Thus, light and dark, joy and sadness, are intertwined in my work.

Enjoy it? You can pick up the original 8 x 8 x 5 inches (it’s a deep bookshelf one) from me here, or purchase various printed versions – cards, prints, throw pillows and more from this link. The throw pillow looks quite nice, I gotta say!

Like this style, but want something in a different set of colors? Let’s talk. I have a couple of slots open for commissions right now.

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