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I hope you dance

“I hope you dance” is a mixed media collage art work using the sheet music of the beautiful song made famous by LeeAnn Womack and penned by Mark Sanders and Tia Sillers. My painting uses the iconic ballet dancer’s graceful … Continue reading

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> BP Can Go Eff Itself!  The news headlines about the Gulf Oil Disaster have been weighing me down for weeks and I didn’t realize how much it had dominated the news until I sorted through the stack of newspapers … Continue reading

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Another Collage – LOVE THIS ONE!

> When we went to Florida last fall, we visited St. Joe Peninsula State Park and happened on this lovely scene I caught with my camera.  Thank heavens for long lenses! I used a lot of natural materials for this, … Continue reading

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>Finally, my first collage work

> You’ll see Warhol-style simplicity, some amazing phrases I found in books, a b & w photocopy of an old movie star posing with confidence and astarlet in her bo-peep cutesy dress, ribbon and curls gazing up at him adoringly.  … Continue reading

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>More treasure hunting means more inspiration

>I’m referring, of course, to treasure hunting at the local Goodwill store.  This time, I also hit the Dollar Tree where I found some interesting made-in-China items that I might be able to use in some way, shape or form … Continue reading

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> It’s been five days and the leaf prints I have been working on produced some striking results!.  They are really time consuming and unpredictable in their outcome, however.  I will put up an album with final works in the … Continue reading

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>Itching to do a collage or two!

> This weekend’s American Artisan Festival in Nashville motivated me to tackle a collage or two.  I saw a few truly wonderful works there, including those I’ve posted images of, above, and the works of Charla Steele.  They all burst … Continue reading

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