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20 years ago today

The folk ballad “Independence Day” was released by Martina McBride.  Written by Gretchen Peters, this narrative song tells the tale of an abused wife in desperate circumstances from the vantage point of her eight year old daughter.  It has become the anthem for marginalized women everywhere, containing powerful words strung together with the greatest use of metaphors I’ve ever come across.  The video by Martina is mighty powerful too as you can see below.

This song serves as a personal linchpin to me when it comes to creating art.  That something can evoke such emotion, produce such deep feeling is an incredible gift.  I can’t imagine ever having that kind of capacity, and it’s find if I don’t.  It is just an awesome thing to know that there are those out there who ARE able to produce works that reach right to the center of the world and shake things up in such a zeitgeisty-kind-of-way.

Enjoy the video, listen to the words:

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