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Museums in the digital age

You say you want to soak up the world’s greatest art but don’t have the funds or passport for a visit to the continent? Pull up a chair (or charge up your Ipad) and check out these sites:

First stop, point your web browser to Museumlink’s Museum of Museums.  It has links to US, Canadian, International, and even Virtual Museums.  Not all the links are for art, but they are inspiring, educational, and hopefully motivating.

The Washington Post’s Museum Links Page (warning, it notes it was last updated in 1999!) focuses on the great art collections of the world and at the bottom has a few random listings, including my personal favorite, the Toaster Museum which offers 12 month calendars singing the praises of vintage toasters for only $17.99!

Finally, for online touring, check out Global Museum, an award-winning site that posts links to major museums online as well as museum news.  And for jobseekers that might be interested in working in museums, it also includes a great Museum Jobs link.

For the mobile Anglophile, there’s great news! Check out V&A aps for both IPhone and Android.

Not to be outdone, The Museum of Modern Art in New York has its own ap for Iphones. 

and finally, if you decide after all this, you’d like to visit the world’s largest museum in person, consider using The Louvre’s Audio Guide ap. It’ll help you get around in that grand expanse of fabulousity!

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