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New painting: Full Circle

Full circle is a small format abstract artwork with deckled edge created by fine artist Maura Satchell. $145
Full circle is a small format abstract artwork with deckled edge created by fine artist Maura Satchell. $145

Introducing Full Circle. It’s a small format japandi-inspired artwork with a subtle hint of leaves in neutral shades, perfect for a Japandi inspired decor theme. It would beautifully in a minimalism environment, either home or office, with a neutral color palette and earth tones.

Full Circle looks gorgeous and is on trend in various home decor accessories like throw pillows, throw rugs, tapestry, duvet cover and more. Those can be purchased through this link. For what it’s worth, I make very little off of these purchases, but if you buy and love it, please do me a favor and email me an image of you with the item!

The original is for sale too, so if you love this and think it would incorporate perfectly into your home or commercial decor, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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New Painting: Sacred Release

Sacred Release: a mixed media small format figurative abstract work of art by Maura Satchell. $195.
Sacred Release: a mixed media small format figurative abstract work of art by Maura Satchell $195

Sacred Release started out very differently several years ago and lay in my “work in progress” pile until the right inspiration and skill set hit. I’m truly pleased with how this mixed media work came out.

And good news for collectors: it’s a small format artwork so is very affordable for those on a budget looking for an original artwork to collect or to give as a gift. It is listed at both Saatchi and through Fine Art America and each offers unique reprintable items. Saatchi, for instance, offers fine art quality reprints and canvas prints. Fine Art America and Pixels (the same company) offer a wide variety of accessories, from home decor items to note pads to phone cases and more. This artwork is unique and has a strong symbolic meaning behind it. I really think it would make a great gift in some form.

And of course, if you love this artwork, but would like to commission something special along these lines in different colors, feel free to reach out. I am not a slave to commissioned artwork, but do reserve slots for a few each season.

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12 years an artist!

Rainhat Lady is a collage / assemblage work on canvas by Maura Satchell using found objects and created textures.

It hit me this week that I’ve been painting and making visual art seriously for 12 years now! What started as an escape from the built up anxiety that I endured as the mother of two Iraq War veterans (and both infantrymen, at that), has evolved into my lifelong vocation.

With that in mind, I wanted to share one of my favorite and quirkiest of all works with you: Rainhat Lady.

Rainhat Lady, original collage / assemblage work on canvas of found materials and unusual textures by Maura Satchell

This one work, Rainhat Lady, illustrates my quest for trying new things: new processes, materials, formats. It’s a simple little work, but one I’m so tied to it hangs in my entryway!

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New painting: Hint of a Memory

Hint of a memory: Abstract minimalist painting in black on 12" x 10" white paper by Maura Satchell, artist.
Hint of a memory: Abstract minimalist painting in black on 12″ x 10″ white paper by Maura Satchell, artist. List: $190

It’s there, in black and white! Your dreams, that is, and “Hint of a Memory” refers to that semiconscious state when you awaken, aware you’ve had a dream, but are not quite sure what it was about. I love the minimalist nature of this painting and think it would look great as wall art in many interior styles, from Japandi to Industrial to Boho to Mid-Century Modern!

What do you think? If you love it, it’s available, so let’s talk.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Queen Herself, a 36 x 24 deep gallery wrapped canvas acrylic original painting by Maura Satchell, Artist. Accessories, including mask, coffee mug and more available too.
The Queen Herself, a 36 x 24 deep gallery wrapped canvas acrylic original painting by Maura Satchell, Artist.

“Quick,” I thought to myself: “What have I painted that’s predominantly green that I can put up on Instagram for St. Patrick’s Day?”

And then it hit me. It was staring me in the face! (Well, it was literally hanging on the living room wall, but I could see it from where I was pondering). I give you: The Queen Herself.

It’s a large 36 x 24 inch deep gallery wrapped canvas acrylic painting by yours truly. I painted this in 2015 and only listed her recently, at an ambitiously high price as she has deep sentimental value (not to mention, she looks beautiful hanging on the wall in my living room!)

But if you love her too, there are ways to incorporate the beauty of this painting and its gentle setting into your home decor without purchasing the original. I’m talking high quality art prints, great home accessories like throw pillows, shower curtains, heck, even a coffee mug and shower curtain! Here, check out these examples:

So, before I take my leave, I hope all those who celebrate have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, and if you partake, I raise my glass to you and bid you Sláinte!

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New Artwork: Three Blocks Over

Three Blocks Over, gouache on paper, 4" x 8" . List price $105.
Three Blocks Over, gouache on paper, 4″ x 8″ . List price $105.

“Three Blocks Over” symbolizes our interdependence on one another, as this pandemic has shown. It is painted in hues of blue, brown and green with a white background.

I was familiar with the term “Three Block War” from my two sons’ service during the war in Iraq. This painting came from an evolution of that phrase mashed up with what we witnessed during the pandemic, the intense interdependence we all experienced during the shutdown.

Communities came together to help one another, to run errands for those medically vulnerable who were unable to shop for themselves, and they celebrated their local healthcare workers and first responders who were on the front lines of this new “war.”

This is a small format artwork, only 4″ x 8″. It is gouache on paper and is for sale through me directly. You can also purchase accessories and prints, such as those shown below, from this link.

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New painting: Birches and Daylilies

Birches and Daylilies painting by Maura Satchell featuring yellow flowers against gray, white, black tree trunks, green shrubs and grasses, and blue sky in Gray mat against yellow home interior walls.
Birches and Daylilies, original mixed media painting by Maura Satchell 9″x5-1/2″ List $95

So, there we were, in the midst of a big ole mid-February snowstorm in the Metro DC area, and my mind was on summer. Well, creating a painting that depicts summer, to be more specific.

Birches and Daylilies is something I’ve been working on for a while now and I’m happy with the way it has turned out. It looks pretty lovely against this yellow and gray colorway.

The original artwork is a mixed media painting on paper. In fact, it’s a small format painting of only 5-3/4 x 9 inches. I’m happy to sell it to someone looking for a nice little affordable original work of art. It would make a wonderful gift for mom or grandma for mother’s day.

Message me if interested, either through one of my social media channels or by email.

Here’s hoping summer is literally not too far off…

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Working Lunch: New Artwork featuring Sandhill Cranes

Working Lunch – watercolor artwork on paper by Maura Satchell featuring Sandhill Cranes foraging for food at Publix Corporate Offices. List: $190, 11″ x 9″

So, true story, I worked at Publix Super Markets Inc. corporate offices for the better part of a decade. They are in Lakeland, Florida and home to some glorious flora and fauna. Including Sandhill Cranes. While working there, I’d see them pecking away at the ground for their sustenance and meandering as a family.

Naturally, I had to paint them! This is a watercolor painting I started ages ago and finally came around to finishing. Sandhill Cranes are gorgeous, delicate creatures with a striking red cap. I call this “Working Lunch.”

The original is available for sale if you love it or have a friend or family member that love either Sandhill Cranes or Publix. If you think notecards or other accessories more to your budget, this site offers a number of options. Like a new phone case. (You know you always wanted one with sandhill cranes on it!)

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Minted my first NFT!

Backstory: our son got us into trading alternative currencies (i.e. bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) and stakes in platforms that operate on these currencies back in November. We set up a Coinbase account (we researched all the options and found this to be the easiest and safest platform to trade these tokens and currencies) and dove in with a small investment. Coinbase is excellent because once you set it up, you can not only buy, sell, transfer, etc. from your desktop, tablet or cellphone, but you can also bank what you’ve sold there in a cash account if you want to follow the buy low/sell high adage. There are small transaction fees involved, but happily, our holdings have grown nicely since starting. If you’d like to get into Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can buy just a small percent of a coin rather than lay out the full amount.

So, we were having fun, watching our accounts grow by a nice margin with our Coinbase trading all throughout the holidays. Then, in early January, my spidey sense perked up when I started hearing about NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). I am a research hound dog from my days in international consulting and I realized these NFTs might be a way to merge two buckets in my life these days: art (my passion) and investing to grow a bigger nest egg since we’re closing in on retirement age. NFT’s looked to be a brilliant option for us.

There was a great Reddit post in January I poured over. Then I plowed deeper and found this article of help too. It seemed promising and really was, especially with a title like this: Complete Guide to NFTs: How to Create & Collect the Next Wave of Digital Assets. One thing that prevented me from diving in right away was the cost of minting these NFTs.

Then I heard that the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea was positioning itself as the first way to make & sell Non-Fungible Tokens for free, without paying gas. There is a small gas fee for processing but it is a much lower barrier to entry into the NFT marketplace as a maker.

I dug in. I read (and bookmarked) this article and its corresponding instructional links at OpenSea. It was a pretty simple process and cost only a few bucks for “gas” to set up the account. That’s it! You don’t have to pay for each NFT you produce, just that onetime fee!

I animated a few of my paintings and they are listed for sale along with some novelty images like the one below.

Update: I recently found this Guide to NFTs published this February to be helpful and interesting too.

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Another Twitter Art Exhibit Submission: Owl in the Wood

Owl in the Wood image from Maura Satchell submitted to Twitter Art Exhibit 2021 #TAE21

So happy I could participate in the Twitter Art Exhibit 2021. If you’ll read through my past blog posts, you’ll see I’ve taken part in several annual exhibits in previous years and in fact was able to attend when the exhibit took Orlando by storm in 2014!

Twitter Art Exhibit was started in 2010 by charismatic artist and author David Sandum of Norway. His simple idea was to put out a call to fellow artists on Twitter to submit postcard-sized original works of art to raise funds for a charity. That first year it raised funds from the sale of the artworks from 260 artists from 24 countries to purchase 221 new children’s books for the Moss, Norway local public library.

David’s worthwhile mantra: “Through art we can change the world.” and he’s right, in its 11th year, this organization has contributed to so many worthwhile causes and gained participation from multitudes of artists. This year it is likely to have more than 800 artists from around the world. The opening is July 3 at Cheltenham Racecourse in Cheltenham, UK.

I’m happy “Owl in the Wood” is going to a worthy cause, but sorry I can’t offer you any accessories, prints or other items from this painting per the TAE ethos. BUT, if you love this painting and are a fan of owls, reach out to me in case I have a slot open for a commissioned artwork to meet your precise needs. I don’t take a lot of commissions, but do block off time each quarter for a limited number.